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AILA 2021 | Last announcements

August 2021

AILA2021 will be officially opened on Sunday August 15th at 17:00 CET!  Then we have a week full of exciting symposia and social events. We hope most of you can join us “live” for many events, but keeping all the different time zones in the world in mind, we also encourage you to watch the recordings at your own time! All pre-recorded sessions are accessible for a whole year.

To make the conference go as smoothly as possible for everyone involved, we hope that you:

  1. Please update (add photo!) and complete your profile and make yourself visible! Do not forget to enable it!

  2. Familiarize yourself a bit with Dryfta before everything starts. When the time comes to join:

    1. Do not forget to Log In

    2. Press the green join button

  3. Familiarize yourself a bit with AILA Gather Town for informal plenary Q&A sessions, visiting Publisher’s booths, and informal gatherings. 

During the conference, there will be  a great team to help you! 

  • Within Dryfta, the Dryfta team is willing to help you with technical issues. Use the live chat at ‘Messages’ to get Dryfta support (search attendees > Dryfta support).

  • For any content or organizational issues or announcements, please contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  Help us by  adding clear subject headings!!

  • During most symposia, there are volunteers who can also help you with minor technical issues. Please use the one-to-one chat for those. 

The program on Sunday is as follows:

17.00-18.00 in Dryfta. 

With Wander Lowie as Master of ceremony we will see and hear Thony Visser, the dean of the Faculty of Arts (with research interest in German Literature), Daniel Perrin (President AILA), Azirah Hashim (Vice-President AILA) and Marjolijn Verspoor (Chair AILA organizing committee) to briefly welcome you. 

18.00-19.00 in Dryfta: 

After a brief introduction by Kees de Bot, Diane Larsen-Freeman will give the opening plenary.  


  • In the AILA Gather Town AULA, Azirah Hashim and Solidarity Awardees will hold a reception.

  • In the AILA Gather Town Activity Center classroom, Diane Larsen-Freeman will be happy to answer your questions.

  • In Glimpse (link via Dryfta program) there is a speed-meeting session where you randomly are matched with other delegates and talk with them for 4 minutes. 

AILA 2021 | Gather Town

August 2021

It won’t be long before we meet in virtual Groningen for the 24th AILA world conference. We really wanted to meet you in person on site, at receptions, in the publishers’ area, in the park, and so on, but since that is not possible, we have created a virtual “AILA Gather Town” (AGT), which starts at the Academy Square of Groningen University and leads to various areas: the AULA, the Publisher’s area and other booths, the activity center and the virtual walk through town! 

We have organized a few things for you, and you can organize your own event, too. If it is private, just let your friends and colleagues know, but if you want to invite the whole AILA2021 community let us know at with ANNOUNCEMENT in the heading and we will post it in Dryfta. 

You can also make your own announcements in the SCHEDULE whiteboard on the Academy Square. 



We already have two main receptions and an activity planned in the AULA,  and you are welcome to organize one yourself, too! 

  • SUNDAY: After the opening ceremony and Diane Larsen Freeman’s plenary, Azirah Ahshim, our new AILA President will welcome all AILA solidarity awardees in the AULA. Please, depending on your time zone, join us with wine, beer, coffee, tea or sparkling water, congratulate the awardees and mingle with your friends!

  • MONDAY: The first full day of the congress will end with a festive activity! The AILA 2021 PubQuiz, hosted by Audrey and Marije, will start at 19.00 CET. No need to register in advance, come alone or bring a team and take a seat at one of the tables in the aula. 

  • FRIDAY: On the last day of the conference, at 18.00 CET, the whole AILA2021 organization team and volunteers will be all over AGT to hear what you thought about the conference. The AILA2021 organizers will be ready to have a toast! 

The Publisher’s area and booths

This space is like the typical AAAL basement.  You go here to talk informally to our publishers or you can just agree to meet here with a couple of colleagues or friends.

  • EVERY DAY 12.00-14.00 CET: Most publishers will be ready to meet you and talk to you during lunch time. Just enter their booth and go chat! It will be lovely to see these familiar faces again. 

In the same area, there are many larger and smaller spaces with picnic tables, benches, sofas, and so on where you can meet up with colleagues and friends. These spaces are for smaller gatherings such as Mentoring sessions. There is even a piano!



The Activity Center

In the Activity Center, there are several spaces: a yoga studio, a kitchen area, a language café and a classroom. Does anyone want to offer a free workshop on statistics, practise their language skills, or have a “literary society meeting”? Let us know at with ANNOUNCEMENT in the heading and we will post it. 

  • EVERY DAY between 12.15-13.00 CET: a Body Mind Recharge session is planned.

There are also cooking workshops organized! We will let you know which one is where, but basically, just join the cook in the kitchen! There is a classroom, where you can offer workshops yourself.



The Walk around Town

This space is really a virtual walk around town. You can do this on your own or invite a friend and visit the spaces that you probably would have seen if you were in Groningen. Our AILA2021 organization team members also had videos made during a tour with guide Titus Akkermans that will be fun to watch.




To access AILA2021 Gather Town, click here

We hope we got you interested, so please go check out AILA2021 Gather Town (perhaps together with a friend) so you will be ready when the time comes. Here are some very basic instructions that will get you started. The rest is quite intuitive. For questions contact us at with GATHER TOWN in the heading.

  1. Before you enter this virtual environment, you create your own little Avatar with your name.

  2. When you are ready to go, you walk around with the four arrow keys on your key board.

  3. When you want to get around a space full of people easily, press G (as in Ghost) to walk through people.

  4. When you are near someone in an “open” space, you can talk to that person.

  5. When you are near someone in an “private” space, you first have to enter the space to be able to talk.

  6. On the left there is a bar in which you can “find” people or “follow” them.

  7. When you get close to some further  information you will see Press X to interact. Press the X on your keyboard. 

You are curious about AILA2021 Gather Town but you need more information before diving in? Watch our Quick  Start video! 

AILA 2021 | Technical information

July 2021

In about 3 weeks you can mingle with almost 2050 colleagues in applied linguistics from 80 countries. In this newsletter we want to explain as much as possible how the symposia work and how you can make the most of this virtual world experience!



How does an AILA symposium work on Dryfta?

Dryfta provides an embedded Zoom environment. To support Zoom's audio/video capabilities, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer Edge should be used. There is a Dryfta team online to answer your questions via “messages”. 

  1. All symposia will be accessible about 5 minutes before the start (20 minutes for organizers/ moderators). 

  2. To join any session, press “Join live” (“Join” for organizers/ moderators).

  3. The symposia organizers and speakers can be visible on screen (as in a zoom session). 

  4. When it is time to start, organizers welcome all attendees and explain the program briefly.

  5. The organizers then ask everyone to watch one or more pre-loaded videos (everyone clicks on “watch recording”) and meet back again in the live session at a particular time. Then it is time for questions and discussion through the Q&A. 

Note that in the symposia environment there are options for CHAT (please use this option for social or technical issues). There is also a tab for Q&A (please use this option for questions to specific speakers about the actual content of the presentation). 



Update your  Dryfta profile-make yourself visible

You will meet many people during the symposia, but please let them find you again by updating your profile! Please upload a photo and indicate your interests and make your profile and abstracts visible.  



Download the AILA  App

You can download the AILA app (available in your app store: Android/Apple), which is fully synchronized with the Dryfta environment. Search for AILA and see the corresponding information as available on the Dryfta website (the same login details apply). The Dryfta AILA app does not look too sleek, but it is highly functional: you can easily update your profile, manage your personal schedule, view sponsors, find matched attendees and explore their profiles.



Announcements and news

This conference is for us all and let’s keep each other informed. If there is anything you want to announce to all delegates, please let us know at In the subject line, put ANNOUNCEMENT.


In addition, please help Marije and Audrey spread the word via Twitter and Facebook #AILA2021.

AILA 2021 | Social activities

July 2021

There are only about 4 weeks left until AILA2021 starts with about 200 scientific symposia on diverse topics where you will meet your peers and talk about research. In addition, we hope you have time and energy to meet your colleagues in more informal ways to make up for the fact that we cannot mingle live!

For informal meetings, we will use AILA Gathertown where we can meet publishers, drink virtual coffee, meet for a pub quiz, take a refreshing Body Mind Recharge break, cook with a colleague, hold a literary meeting, and even make a virtual walking tour through Groningen. And you can arrange to meet with your friends. For those who are not familiar with AILA Gather Town, instructions are given to first time users when they sign up. For more detail on how you can create and personalize your own avatar,  go to Gather 101

Below we have  summarized some activities already, for some things you need to sign up soon; for others you can just put them in your agenda and join us in August. 


Senior-Junior mentor meetings

We would love senior researchers to make themselves available for junior researchers to meet each other during the AILA virtual conference for some mentoring. Should you be interested, please follow the instructions below: 

If you are a senior researcher please indicate in your profile at Role  “mentor” (so juniors can easily search for mentors) that you would be willing to be a mentor. Then set up one or more 30-minute virtual meetings for early career researchers to sign-up for. Watch Video for instructions.

Are you a junior researcher who wants to connect with a mentor, search for “mentor” and find one who shares your interests and see at what time they are available and book your session! Watch Video for instructions.


Cooking Together

Do you have a (traditional) dish or drink which you would like to prepare live for and with other AILA delegates? During lunch and dinner times we have arranged some time slots, when others can join you in the virtual kitchen. We hope to have dishes/drinks from different parts of our AILA world! Do you want to host such a cooking session?  Please sign up here and let us know what dish you wish to make. 


Gesture Workshop

Søren Wind Eskildsen, Marianne Gullberg, Gale Stam, and Johannes Wagner are offering a workshop on August 18th (afternoon session) called “Methods and Tools for Coding Multimodal and Gesture Data Within Different Theoretical Frameworks”.  After one hour of presentations, this workshop provides an overview of how to code videotaped data from different theoretical perspectives using various software programs in a hands-on session where participants work on coding data and receive immediate feedback. Because the workshop is limited to 50 participants and material needs to be downloaded before the workshop, anyone interested needs to sign up here


Speed Meetings Sunday and other Evenings

While the Groningen team will have a “live” reception that will be streamed for a little while, it may be time for you to meet and mingle with other virtual delegates. This can be done by Speed Meetings in which you get to talk for 5 minutes with a randomly selected delegate and you can do as many rounds as you wish. Who knows who you will meet! 

We will set the timer for one hour, but 30 minutes in total will be fine too. We will repeat this activity a few times during the week.



Save the date on Monday evening at 7.00 PM (CET), 16 August for the PubQuiz when we close the first AILA day in the most informal but competitive way (Audrey and Marije are the hostesses!). Ready for one hour full of sharing fun and linguistic-related (and not only) knowledge?


Body Mind Recharge Sessions

During all lunch times in between symposia, we can revitalize with Iryna, an international and multilingual yoga teacher with over 10 years of experience. She will guide the 45 minutes yoga & stretching break to help you recharge and rebuild your mental and physical resources. Every session, she will start with breathing practice for a better focus, continue with yoga postures for shoulders, chest and lower back and finish with grounding meditation. This session is suitable and accessible for all levels and all you need is comfortable clothes for stretching, a mat, a towel or a chair to sit on. 


Other ideas?

You can set up your own get-togethers in AILA Gather Town. You can just tell your colleagues where and when you will meet. There are small spaces (from two people) to large spaces (up to about 100).  and you can have “meeting rooms” from. We have already one offer for a literary evening! Let us know what and when you would like to arrange and we will announce it for you. 


We look forward to seeing you virtually soon!

AILA 2021 | Presenter information Dryfta

June 2021

Thank you again for participating in and presenting at the AILA congress. As promised, we share further information on how to make your involvement a success. The congress will be held on the online platform Dryfta. Your Dryfta account has been created by the AILA organizers with the email address you used for the abstract submission.
Once you have re-set your password, please go to to log in with the email address and new password. 



Editing of profile

Once logged in, check My Profile to make sure all the information is correct. Save all changes. Please upload a photo by clicking on the photo (we would love to see your faces without masks!). You can access all instructional videos under the Dryfta 'instructions' tab:



Editing of abstracts

Your abstract has been allocated to its symposium and is set in the respective presentation order by the symposium organizer/ ‘moderator’. You can edit your abstract:  

Under the Profile tab there is a link to My Submission (your abstract is there)
Click the button under Submission Title to gain access to the editing page
You can now make changes to the short summary and the abstract.
NOTE that you cannot change the title of the presentation! If you want to make changes to the title, please let us know at

Editing of co-authors

On the same page as the abstract, you can add or delete co-authors for our talks

You need to put in their first name, last name, and email 
Don't forget to save the information

Symposium organizers

Symposium organizers are in charge of their own symposia and have probably already contacted you about the order and length of presentations, so if there are any questions, please reach out to them. Once you have clarity on how to prepare your presentation, please proceed with the recording and upload.  Please note that we are still busy adjusting the programme for each symposium. It is therefore possible that your presentation is not yet in the correct slot. After 22 July, everything will be correctly in Dryfta and the time will not be changed unless this has been discussed with the symposium organizers and their speakers.


Video recorded presentations and streaming

During the congress, your actual presentation will be presented via a pre-recorded video to alleviate potential time-zone and technical problems. However,  each symposium will start with a “Live session” where organizers welcome attendants. Then attendants watch the videos followed by live discussion and break sessions, which will give you plenty of opportunities for interaction.  


Upload of presentation
Guidelines on how to make effective recordings will be provided under ‘Instructions’ soon. Your recording shall be submitted as an MP4 file and not exceed 700 MB. Please upload your presentation before Thursday, 22 July 2021. Kindly note that your presentation and materials will be published on the congress’ Dryfta website and are only accessible to registered AILA 2021 delegates. By uploading your contributions, you grant permission to display them. 


Time zone

The time zone for the live sessions is CEST - Central European Summer Time (UTC/GMT +2 hours). Dryfta is able to show the times in your own time zone. 

AILA 2021 | Symposium organizer information Dryfta

May 2021

As promised, we need your input in getting your symposium set up correctly in ou online conference platform Dryfta. We need this information before May 30th (we know it is little time!) before we release the program to all delegates (who will then be able to change their abstracts and at a later moment in time upload their presentations). 

We have already uploaded names and abstracts of registered participants to your symposium.


  • We have indicated who the organizers and who the featured speaker(s) is/are. Please check if this is correct. 

  • We have randomly added standard and focussed presentations. Please let us know (a)  if the indication is still appropriate, (b) the order of these papers (e.g. Presenter names before the break; Presenter names after the break; Focussed presenter names in the right order), and (c) in case you have several time slots, what time slot (day with morning or afternoon) the presentation is in.

Please do this by leaving a note in Dryfta in your symposium slot. Marije Michel, co-chair, has made an instructional video for you as example. 



We will use 3 platforms for the conference: Dryfta, Zoom and GatherTown.

  • Dryfta will be our main platform and includes all abstracts, programme, presentations etc.

  • Zoom (integrated into Dryfta) will be used for presentations, chats, and “breakout rooms” for interaction in smaller groups (for example during the break attendants may enjoy talking in  smaller groups).  

  • We are still investigating the use of GatherTown for our social program.


Symposium organization

Please feel free to shape the symposium in the way you think is best. However, please schedule the actual presentations in time slots before and after the break (so that delegates can switch symposia to attend the papers they want to). 

During the breaks and poster session, we will have "rooms" and you as an organizer can think of "people to talk to" or "themes" or "posters" to be discussed in these rooms so people can join if they want. If you have some more creative ideas, please share!  

We do not mind if you continue a bit of socializing, discussing things after the symposium but please make sure there is no overlap with plenaries and other events.  

Please feel free to share your symposium schedule and ideas with the presenters so that they feel involved and are up to date.

Editing of titles abstracts

We had promised everyone could still edit their abstracts, and we want to make this option available. However, at this point we do not know yet what the most efficient way is to edit more than 1900 abstracts, so please wait for further instructions on this.

Time zone

The time zone for the live sessions is CEST - Central European Summer Time (UTC/GMT +2 hours). Probably Dryfta will be able to show the times in your own time zone.

Video recorded presentations and streaming

Although it is possible to live-stream presentations (and as organizers you can live stream your introduction of course), we urge you to insist on pre-recorded videos for the presentations. These alleviate potential time-zone and technical problems. As organizer, you will stream these pre-recorded presentations during the actual symposium, while the Q&A sessions will be live. Breaks can be used for further interaction in Zoom or Zoom Rooms.   

One option is to have speakers in the same “block” before or after the break, have a pre-conference session in which they present the papers to each other and record the session. Then the whole session can be presented in one go at the actual conference. 

There are several advantages to pre-recorded  presentations: They can be watched later on demand till February 2022. During the symposium, presenters can actually attend to the chat and give or prepare responses to the questions. Finally, you as organizer may use these videos (with permission of the presenters of course) to put together a “state-of-the art” program on your topic to show to students or other interested parties after the conference. 

Focused presentations (posters) and "drinks"

For the original live "Drinks and posters in dedicated poster area", we had in mind that people can mingle. Now you as symposia organizers need to think of creative ways to mingle virtually.  Our suggestion would be as follows: Let poster presenters give a brief poster pitch (2 or 3 minutes-also pre-recorded) in which they introduce themselves and think of a way to draw attention to their poster presentation. This poster presentation is also pre-recorded and can then be accessed on demand. 

Another option is also possible to put poster presenters in separate “rooms” and let them present in parallel for 5 minutes with time for questions. Participants can then choose the poster presentation they want to attend and you can have several rounds. This would allow for some good informal interaction. 

AILA 2021 | World Congress update

April 2021

Virtual Congress

We have waited as long as we could before deciding, but the pandemic situation in the Netherlands is rather hopeless and we have decided that it is not feasible to organize a face-to-face congress in August. Therefore, AILA2021 will be a fully virtual meeting. 


Fortunately, the symposia set up will allow for lots of interaction and our team is working hard to make the online event as interactive as possible! In addition to the scientific symposia and plenaries, we will organize an online social programme to encourage networking and have some fun.



Dryfta is the platform we will be using. In the next few weeks, we will upload all your abstracts to this system, and we will discuss with the symposia organizers how they want to program the symposium. By June 12th, we will share more information regarding how to access and navigate the online platform and you can make changes to your title or abstract if needed and upload your presentation. The deadline for these changes will be July 22nd.



Participants that paid a higher registration fee than the fee for virtual attendance will receive a refund before May 1st.


Hotel booking

All hotel bookings have been cancelled. If you booked your hotel during the registration, there is no action needed from your side.

AILA 2021 | Extended early bird deadline 

February 2021

We are happy to announce that preparations for AILA2021 are in full swing. We have decided on an E-platform for the virtual component of the conference and soon we will inform symposia organizers and delegates about the details. 
However, despite the current pandemic situation, we would like to remain optimistic and have not given up on a face-to-face component yet.  Because March 1st may be too early, we have postponed our decision to April 1st.

Therefore, we have extended the early bird registration deadline to March 15, 2021.


Explanation registration fee
We have received several e-mails with questions regarding the (high) registration fee for AILA2021. 
Please note that we have done our best to make it as low as possible. Neither Anela nor the 10 members of the organizing team (who are all doing the work in their free time) aim to make a profit, but the event must break even. Even if a virtual event is less expensive than a face-to-face one, there are costs for the professional help we are receiving from our Groninger Congress Bureau; also the E-platform and other licenses need to be paid for. There have also been other organizational costs and there are probably some more to come.

Abstract update
We have also received questions about how and when abstracts can be updated.  After March 15th we will upload all the abstracts we have of registered participants to the e-platform. By the beginning of May, 2021, all presenters will receive a login and they can update their abstracts and upload their video presentations until July 10th, 2021.  

Important dates:
•    March 15th: Deadline registration presenters / early bird
•    April 1st: Information on hybrid / fully virtual conference 
•    June 12th: Information on online event platform
•    July 22nd: Deadline to update abstract and upload presentation video

AILA 2021 | Virtual basis, additional hybrid layer if possible

December 2020

AILA 2021 World Congress update: 
Virtual basis, additional hybrid layer if possible


The organizing team really hopes that by August 2021 a partly face-to-face event will be possible, but this might still not be the case, and definitely not for all participants. Thus, the AILA 2021 World Congress will be based on a fully virtual event, allowing for hybrid attendance if possible:

  • A fully virtual basis: we are working on the e-platform now and details will be sent to the participants soon.

  • A truly hybrid additional layer: If the pandemic is under control and large on-site events can be held in a safe and relaxing way, the virtual platform will remain and will be fully integrated into the live event, so the participants (including featured speakers and symposium organizers) can decide for themselves to attend live or virtually.


Before March 1st, AILA will make the final decision, based on whether (or not) all COVID-19 restrictions in Europe will have been lifted.

In both cases, the AILA 2021 organizing team will stick to the program schedule as presented on the website and leave the symposium organizers in charge of their own program (order of presentations and number of minutes allocated to each speaker).

Because of the new structure, registration fees were lowered considerably (see here). The new fees take into account that organizing a virtual event of this size also brings new challenges and costs.

We hope that the fact that virtual attendance reduces costs (e.g., no accommodation and travel costs) allows many AILA members to attend.  After the conference AILA will make a selection of presentations accessible to the wider public for free.


Important dates:

December 8th: Registration opens

February 15th: Deadline registration presenters / early bird

March 1st: Information on hybrid / fully virtual conference



If you have already registered and paid the registration fee, the difference will be reimbursed. For participants who indicate that they would like to purchase a ticket for physical attendance, the difference will be settled after the final decision on the hybrid layer.

AILA 2021 | plans

November 2020

Dear symposia organizers and delegates, 

Many of you are wondering about our plans for AILA 2021 in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and hereby we would like to inform you of our plans:

The organizing team really hopes that by next year August a (partly or mostly) face-to-face event will be possible, but we have to acknowledge that this might not be the case. 
Thus, at the moment, we are presented with two options:

  • A (partly or mostly) face-to-face event: This can offer the kind of interaction we are used to for those who can attend, but will be virtually accessible for those who cannot.

  • A fully virtual event: this would offer the opportunity for everyone to attend from home and will give more flexibility for when to attend, but lacks the face-to-face interaction that we all value in conferences like this.

In both cases we will stick to the program schedule as presented on the website and leave the symposium organizers in charge of their own program (order of presentations and number of minutes each speaker has). 

We are now exploring various innovative formats that allow for an engaging event, and by the end of February 2021, we are going to decide on hybrid or all virtual. Hopefully, that will give everyone enough time to prepare and book flights and hotel rooms.

PS Some of you have recommended that we should also have registration flexible (live/virtual), so that if at the last minute things change, we can easily make adaptations on our side. We are definitely working on that and will provide the options soon on the website

PPS Please be aware that a live + virtual event is the most expensive form, as we have to hire both the rooms and the technique, but  we are exploring various options to keep the cost down as much as possible.  

AILA2020 | postponed

April 2020

The world situation is changing so rapidly because of the coronavirus, with some countries still having the worst to face that we can no longer wait to decide on the fate of AILA2020. As many of you have already suggested: we will postpone the World Congress of Applied Linguistics (AILA 2020) for one whole year until 15 August to 21 August 2021. 


Financial concerns

As you may understand ANéLA, the Dutch AILA affiliate, is financially responsible for the event. We would like to stress that this is a small organization within the AILA network and postponing our event for one year may have grave consequences. What is more, we have already spent most of our budget on our congress bureau, which has a wonderful, supportive team, with Christien Koopstra as our AILA2020 ambassador, to get the whole abstract system ready and answer all our e-mails. Relying on this external party was necessary given the scale of AILA2020. We want to pay them for their services. 


Of course, a full refund of the participation fee paid so far is possible for those who know that they will not be attending AILA2021 next year. Details about this will be shared soon. However, we ask delegates who plan to come next year to refrain from asking for a refund, if at all possible. We will be able to use this money for the work already done by the Congress bureau and not strain the financial resources of the Dutch AILA affiliate and the organizational committee even further.

Keeping as much the same as possible

We also would like to make as few changes as possible and not go through a whole round of reviewing abstracts etc. again or making a new program in 2021 because it will only add to the costs. We will also soon finalize the timing of the symposium slots, so you will know well ahead of time when your symposium takes place. 


Going partly virtual

Another issue we would like to address concerns the feedback we received about the European registration fees, which are most substantial to our colleagues with lower salaries and fewer funds.  In addition, air travel is not good for the climate either. Our solution is to add a virtual component so that delegates who cannot travel can join the AILA2021 conference long distance. Especially since we have organized symposia in three-hour slots, the chance to really intermingle live and virtually within this time slot is great. We are currently working with the people who are preparing the conference app, who in turn are cooperating with the people at the venue, to look at the possibilities for good virtual accessibility and exchange. We do not have details yet, but our idea would be that delegates who present virtually are completely integrated in the live symposium! Postponing the conference for one year allows us to look into effective virtual conferencing tools to allow this.


Possible changes in abstracts or people

Naturally, we do want to offer you the chance to update your abstract.  We have asked the symposium organizers to contact you in the near future. Please let them know if you intend to make changes to your original abstract and let them know if you plan to do a virtual presentation. After the early bird deadline (April 15th 2021), we will give you exact instructions on how to upload your revised abstract into our system so we can be sure to get it right in the final program.


Registration fees for AILA2021

Naturally, the spot of those who already paid their participation fee is secured also for AILA2021 next year. We will (re)open up AILA2021 registration soon (we need to still add fees for the virtual component) with an early bird deadline April 15th, 2021. After that, we will be able to finalize the program. 


Of course, in the meanwhile, please contact us at with any specific questions or suggestions. 

AILA2020 | Preliminary Programme

February 2020

With this e-mail we are sending a sum-up of important information about the World Congress of Applied Linguistics.


Preliminary Programme
The preliminary AILA2020 programme is now online! To check the programme, please click on the following link Further program updates will be posted by the beginning of May 2020.


Presenting authors must register before April 15th
All presenting authors must register for the conference before the early bird deadline of April 15 to secure their participation. In case the presenting author is not registered by April 15 the presentation will be removed from the program. Therefore, please make sure to notify us if someone is presenting on your behalf.


Early registration  
Early registration is good for everyone!
Register early > take advantage of the early bird fee > save significantly!


Hotel reservations
During AILA2020 the city of Groningen will be packed with many of our international attendees. Therefore, we strongly advise you to book your hotel asap. More information about lodging can be found here


Time to relax
Besides offering you a program full of interesting talks we have compiled a social program with many activities. Some examples:

  • Conference dinner and party on Thursday evening: Our conference dinner will be an informal get together with a food truck festival and a live band. Do not forget to bring your dancing shoes!

  • City walk: This stroll will take you through the past, present and the future of the so-called “City of Saint Martin”.

  • Bike tour: discover Groningen by bike as a local

  • SUP Yoga: Yoga postures on a wobbling board and balancing on the water.. With ‘suppen’ you already get into a flow and because you are on the water and outside in the beautiful nature this will be an unforgettable experience.

  • Grass Routes: the world behind the Dutch cannabis coffeeshops

AILA2020 | Information about slots and further procedure

October 2019

We have received a total of more than 3300 abstracts submitted to 200 symposia.

We are pleased to let you know that you can organize your symposium at AILA2020!

Depending on the number of abstracts your symposium has received,

you are offered a tentative number of slots. The final number of slots may have to

be adjusted after the reviewing process is finished and we know how many participants have actually registered and paid. 

  • 00 - 05 abstracts: no symposium These symposium organizers have already been informed about alternatives. They may contact you to see if they can merge with your symposium. 

  • 06 - 10 abstracts: Half-slot (before or after the break) 

  • 11 - 18 abstracts: One slot 

  • 19 - 30 abstracts: Two slots 

  • 31 - 44 abstracts: Three slots

  • > 44 abstracts: Four slots


A symposium slot comprises half a day with the same general format.  Note that you may deviate from this format as long as you have a featured speaker in the first slot and break times as indicated. For example, you could opt for more very brief presentations and/or add a discussant.

Morning slots:
8.30- 9.10: Featured speaker 30-minute presentation with 10-minute discussion
9.10-10.00: Related presentations (2 to 4) with general discussion
10.00-10.30: Coffee
10.30-11.45: Related presentations (3 to 5) with general discussion
11.45-12.00: 5 to 10 poster pitches of 2 minutes each
13.00*-14.30: Lunch and posters in dedicated poster area
* from 12.00-13.00 there will be the daily plenary of the AILA conference

Afternoon slots:
14.30-15.10: Featured speaker 30-minute presentation with 10-minute discussion
15.10-16.00: Related presentations (2 to 4) with general discussion
16.00-16.30: Coffee
16.30-17.45: Related presentations (3 to 5) with general discussion
17.45-18.00: 5 to 10 poster pitches of 2 minutes each
18.00-19.00: Drinks and posters in dedicated poster area

Next steps in the reviewing process:

  • October 7: Review instructions will be sent out to all Symposium Organizers and External reviewer(s).

  • October 21: The online review must be completed. 

  • October 28: AILA2020 shares the scores and decisions obtained in the reviewing process with you.  Based on these, you make your final decisions (who will be accepted for Multi Modal presentation or poster; and who will be rejected). 

  • November 4: AILA receives your final decisions. 

  • November 18: Notifications will be sent out to all submitters of abstracts. 

Further steps in programming

  • April 15: Deadline to register for presenting authors

  • About April 20: We will inform you of who has registered and paid, and we will ask you to schedule/order the presentations within your symposium.

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