FAQ symposium

Are symposium organizers also permitted to present papers themselves?

Yes, symposium organizers may present papers; they can also be featured speakers if they wish. However, you will need to be sure that the chairing is in good hands, but that should not be a problem with a good co-organizer.

Can the same person be a featured speaker at different symposiums?

Yes, a person can be a featured speaker to a maximum of three symposia. At the time of the final programming, symposia organizers need to check and make sure there is no overlap.

What should the 50 words description include and what is the purpose of this description?

The 50 word abstract is meant for the reader to get a sense of the theme or topic so they know where to submit their papers. If the topic seems appropriate they can click further to get more information.

Can a person submit several symposium proposals?

Yes, this is allowed.

Who will review the asbtract that will be submitted to a symposium proposal?

The organizers of a symposium will be responsible for the reviewing by creating their own review committee. (The reviewers will be added to the AILA reviewing system).

Do ReN organisers also need to submit a proposal by 6 May?

Yes, they do. Please consult the information that was sent out by the ReN coordinator, Laura Gurzynski-Weiss, for more details.

Are proposals/abstracts in other languages than English welcome for AILA2021?

Language policy: English as the most widespread lingua franca in academia and research is the primary language of communication at the AILA 2021 World Congress; therefore, all announcements, proposals and so on will be in English. However, a symposium may be held in languages other than English. This should be clearly announced in the proposal. We also suggest that presenters provide slides/handouts in English to make their presentations as accessible as possible for all delegates.

Could you explain a little about the blind review of abstracts.

In principle the symposia organisers will invite reviewers and blind review the incoming papers on their own. The AILA organizing committee will provide the reviewing system, monitor it, and help or intervene only when needed.

Can the organisers also present papers as part of the symposium, or do organisers only take on a role as chair? If we require two half-day sessions, could a person be a chair at one session, and then present at the other session, with the third organiser taking the chair role for the other session?

The organizers can also present papers or even be featured speakers. The only "rule" is that the other organizer(s) then chair that particular session.

If we feel we require two half days (for the one title), does each half-day session require its own theme, each with two sub-themes; or can there be one theme across the two half-day sessions, with four sub-themes. I guess this relates to the featured speakers: should each featured speaker be introducing a theme, from which then other sub-themes are developed? (i.e. Should the two half-day sessions go in different directions under the one title?)

There can be different sub-themes in one symposium slot (half day session) or one going through across two slots. Actually you may not want to plan it too tightly yet as you may get many more abstracts in on one sub-theme and you will have to make adjustments later anyway. My suggestion to you is to propose one symposium asking for two slots with four sub-themes. How it is organized exactly we can worry about after the papers have been selected. You do, however, want to invite two featured speakers probably on different sub-themes. But the most important thing about the featured speakers is that they will draw interested scholars to submit an abstract and/or attend your symposium.

How long is a slot? And what's a half slot?

A symposium slot comprises half a day (3 hours: morning till lunch or lunch till afternoon) with the same general format. Note that you may deviate from this format, the only things that's set are the breaks (coffee, lunch and drinks) and the daily plenary.


Morning slot:

8.30- 9.10: Featured speaker 30-minute presentation with 10-minute discussion

9.10-10.00: Related presentations (2 to 4) with general discussion

10.00-10.30: Coffee

10.30-11.45: Related presentations (3 to 5) with general discussion

11.45-12.00: 5 to 10 poster pitches of 2 minutes each

13.00*-14.30: Lunch and posters in dedicated poster area

* from 12.00-13.00 there will be the daily plenary of the AILA conference

Afternoon slot:

14.30-15.10: Featured speaker 30-minute presentation with 10-minute discussion

15.10-16.00: Related presentations (2 to 4) with general discussion

16.00-16.30: Coffee

16.30-17.45: Related presentations (3 to 5) with general discussion

17.45-18.00: 5 to 10 poster pitches of 2 minutes each

18.00-19.00: Drinks and posters in dedicated poster area

A half slot (1,5 hour) will be half of a morning or a afternoon slot.