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Registration & fees

Virtual Congress

We have waited as long as we could before deciding, but the pandemic situation in the Netherlands is rather hopeless and we have decided that it is not feasible to organize a face-to-face congress in August. Therefore, AILA2021 will be a fully virtual meeting. 


Fortunately, the symposia set up will allow for lots of interaction and our team is working hard to make the online event as interactive as possible! In addition to the scientific symposia and plenaries, we will organize an online social programme to encourage networking and have some fun.

The AILA 2021 organizing team will stick to the program schedule as presented on the website and leave the symposium organizers in charge of their own program (order of presentations and number of minutes allocated to each speaker).

Because of the new structure, registration fees were lowered considerably (see below). The new fees take into account that organizing a virtual event of this size also brings new challenges and costs.

We hope that the fact that virtual attendance reduces costs (e.g., no accommodation and travel costs) allows many AILA members to attend.


New AILA App Benefit for Members: AILA2021 Day Tickets Available Now

The AILA World Congress is designed as a meeting place for researchers from all over the world. Some of us want to stay and interact for a week, others stop over for a day, just participating without presenting. Therefore, members of AILA national affiliates who want to participate in the conference in audience roles are welcome to attend a day of their choice at the AILA 2021 conference at a reduced fee . Tickets are available and AILA membership is verified through the AILA app. Rates are further discounted for members of AILA national affiliates in economically challenged regions, unemployed members and student members.

1 day registration (CLOSED)

It is now possible to register for 1 day if you just want to participate without presenting. If want to participate in the conference in audience role, you are welcome to attend a day of your choice for €100.

GCB invoices on behalf of Anela: Nederlandse Vereniging voor Toegepaste Taalwetenschap.
Address: Pagestraat 24, 5021DC Tilburg

Chamber of Commerce (KvK): 40533597
VAT number: NL 8166.08.672.B01



Member of one of AILA's 35 affiliates 

Low Income Countries

DAC List of ODA Recipients


Students are Bachelor, Master, and PhD students. Reduced fee only applicable upon receiving proof of enrolment or completion of PhD (upload during registration). A valid proof of enrolment would be a signed letter from your supervisor or institute, stating the name of the institute at which you are enrolled, the name and e-mail address of your supervisor, and status of studentship (bachelor, master, PhD, or other).

Student registration

The AILA2021 offers a reduced registration to students enrolled in an accredited college or university program. Students for whom tuition is paid for or reimbursed by an employer are not eligible for discounted registration. During the registration students need to upload a student card.


Cancellation of registration has to be done by email to the AILA2020/2021 Secretariat ( If a cancellation is received before or on June 10, 2021 reimbursement of the registration fee and social events, minus 75 Euro handling charges, will be made. After this date, or if registrants fail to attend the Congress for any reason whatsoever, regrettably no refund (registration fee and social events) can be made. 

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